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FFS eMasraf CX (Customer Experience)

The eMasraf CX scenarios is a application that you can use to set up and manage customer behaviors, which are a choreographed series of interactions across integrated channels. In a scenario, you anticipate and track the actions of the people (content group) who behaved in a way that will trigger an even-driven scenario to respond appropriately triggering an action to push a content item for those on specified time and channel (for example, offering service promotions, or sending targeted e-mail messages).


What is eMasraf CX?

  • eMasraf CX scenario is an event driven rule written in natural language by business user without coding and is a combination of:

tracking sensors (listeners) that business user creates track customer interaction (data pulled from different systems/channels)
content group (people) -- collections of content items that share common properties -- for easier targeting.
time specified (start and end) when the scenario want the system to perform a specific action.
action to be executed by the scenario (push content to specified system/channel) when event rule is met.
plus, eMasraf CX should offer dashboard that can be configured by business users to report customer interaction with active scenarios

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