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FFS eMasraf Trust

This is the security application that offers regularity security compliance and multi-factor authentication capabilities both soft and hard including finger and face recognition, OTP, etc. At the same, it offers the capability of onboarding.

What is Onboarding?

 eMasraf Onboarding application is an end-to-end solution, that enable financial institutions to transform the account creation process to be totally digital and identify customers and verifying their identity securely, to reduce customer’s accusation time and costs.


Customer experience is one of the most important success factors of the onboarding process.
Financial institutions use more and more customer-centric methodologies to redesign the target customer experience.
Customers need to see onboarding as a single process, no matter how many channels they use. To avoid losing customers during the process, the onboarding strategy must offer cutting-edge personalized experiences that accompany the customer during the onboarding process across multiple channels.
It is very important to give customers the choice of interacting via multiple channels at any time makes the process much more convenient and requires an omni-channel strategy upfront.
This means giving customers the flexibility to start their onboarding process using one channel and switch to another one at any time to pick up where they left off.
Customers who experience “anywhere” onboarding with consistent information across channels are likely to think that this convenience would extend to their day-to-day experience.

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 FFS eMasraf Onboarding Approach v1