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FFS CHP (Cloud Hosting Partner) is a program that enable FFS to certify eMasraf digital banking Cloud to running on different hosting providers at various type of cloud services.


Partners in Success


Cloud adoption has grown in many industries, adoption among financial institutions (FIs) is accelerating. Together with FFS CHP, we shape the cloud adoption provided for financial services by offering eMasraf digital banking cloud bundled enterprise world-class managed service handling compliance, ecosystem, risk, and security issues.


CHP Benefits


Grow Your Business

Enhance Your Position

Focus on Your Strengths

·       Expand customer base

·       Mutual competitive advantage

·       Increased revenue

·       Market awareness

·       eMasraf’s ecosystem of solution partners

·       Brand awareness

·       Technical support

·       Developer training package



Go-to-Market (GTM) 


FFS will promote CHP member on various joint GTM activities based on customer and market needs. Examples of joint GTM approach include:


·       Website: FFS will display CHP member logo at FFS CHP pages with a link to member website;

·       Referral: FFS invite CHP members to engage in identified sales opportunities with prospected or existing customers;

·       Resell: FFS resells the CHP members’ services on FFS marketing tools 

·       Co-sell: FFS jointly drives the sales opportunity along with the CHP member




CHP member will be entitled to:


·       Access to eMasraf Cross Channel CX platform

·       Support from FFS technical team

·       Tested and verified deployment of eMasraf of CHP member hosting service







·       Commit to mutual pre- and post-sales support in all applicable geographic regions 

·       Participate in FFS marketing activities when applicable

·       Promote CHP partnership and announce eMasraf Cloud

·       Certify FFS eMasraf on CHP hosting service within 90 days of the partnership 

·       Allocate dedicated technical resources to complete the certification

·       Offer regional customer support 


Tested and Approved eMasraf Cloud


The CHP Tested and Verified Cloud is a formalized process that FFS will take to certified eMasraf on CHP infrastructure. FFS during the deployment and testing process will ensure to meet the CHP certification process for the products to function in line with joint customer expectations.


Looking to join the FFS Cloud Hosting Partner (CHP)? Get in touch.


If you are a potential partner looking to get started with our CHP program, please fill in the CHP membership request form.


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