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Banks are increasingly looking for ways to maximize their reach, customer retention, share of wallet, profitability, and satisfaction while reducing the overall costs associated with managing the firm’s total relationship with a customer.

Online banking became a necessity for today’s demanding customers who used to pay and close deals over the web. eMasraf has several economic benefits:

Higher revenue to banks & thus higher interest rates to customers, as banks do not have to build a new branch to serve customers, and serve large number of concurrent users online.

Transaction History and Reports which helps user to remember and view past transactions with details.

Easy payment online even if customer does not have credit card!

Enhancing the sales and promoting the offers by periodically sending e-mails offering increased interest rates for limited period of time, new services, and important announcements for better communication with customers and allowing interaction with customers via messages to bankers.

eMasraf system provides advanced technologies with integrated functionalities to serve corporate and consumers. It also provides a quick reliable access to users’ accounts with enhanced e-services which save their time and effort and increase the revenue of the banks.

eMasraf helps fulfilling Banks Objectives

In this aggressive marketplace, businesses need to balance profitability with differentiated customer experience management (CEM), increase customer satisfaction and control the cost.
The goals of many businesses are to:

  • Increase revenue through differentiated products and services
  • Decrease sales, marketing and service costs through better execution
  • Enhance the customer experience for improved loyalty & lessen the switching possibility

Providing superior experience across all interaction channels is essential for all organizations. Once a customer contacts the company, businesses must manage that customer quickly and accurately across any touch-point.

eMasraf Mobile system include many useful and innovative features. The Following is a brief synopsis of the major features.

  • Customizable Customer Contents : Each customer can define his own home page with more important contents and organize the way contents are presented
  • Better Manipulation and direct interaction with data visualization: Where the new generation of customers who are used for infographic presentation find visual account information is much efficient for data readability and interaction
  • Personalized Customer Contents: The customer has the control over which contents to show hide on home page or on each individual account
  • Social Integration & Contents Sharing: The customer has the ability to share his account information with other friends in order to receive money or he can create his beneficiaries based on his social or mobile contacts providing more social and personalized experience.
  • Personal Finance Management features: rich PFM include transaction categorization for spending categories, expenses target and tracking virtual saving plans the bank will improve customer retention where the customer would be more engaged to define and track his own saving plans that are translated into personal events for him.
  • Extensibility: realized by providing Flexible and open framework with different extension points for supporting dynamic business requirements.
  • Platform supported: User can have the application installed on
    • IOS devices (iPhone and iPad)
    • Android smart devices (mobiles and tablets)
  • Multi lingual: the application is available in Arabic and English and provided descriptive guidance to the user
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