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Banks are increasingly looking for ways to maximize their reach, customer retention, share of wallet, profitability, and satisfaction while reducing the overall costs associated with managing the firm’s total relationship with a customer.

Online banking became a necessity for today’s demanding customers who used to pay and close deals over the web. eMasraf has several economic benefits:

  • Higher revenue to banks & thus higher interest rates to customers, as banks do not have to build a new branch to serve customers, and serve large number of concurrent users online.
  • Transaction History and Reports which helps user to remember and view past transactions with details.
  • Easy payment online even if customer does not have credit card!
  • Enhancing the sales and promoting the offers by periodically sending e-mails offering increased interest rates for limited period of time, new services, and important announcements for better communication with customers and allowing interaction with customers via messages to bankers.

eMasraf system provides advanced technologies with integrated functionalities to serve corporate and consumers. It also provides a quick reliable access to users’ accounts with enhanced e-services which save their time and effort and increase the revenue of the banks.

eMasraf helps fulfilling Banks Objectives

In this aggressive marketplace, businesses need to balance profitability with differentiated customer experience management (CEM), increase customer satisfaction and control the cost.
The goals of many businesses are to:

  • Increase revenue through differentiated products and services
  • Decrease sales, marketing and service costs through better execution
  • Enhance the customer experience for improved loyalty & lessen the switching possibility

Providing superior experience across all interaction channels is essential for all organizations. Once a customer contacts the company, businesses must manage that customer quickly and accurately across any touch-point.

eMasraf Corporate system include many useful and innovative features. The Following is a brief synopsis of the major features.

  • Unified Back-office: eMasraf allows banks to manage all channels from unified back-office system called eCare. eCare allows banks to control corporate, internet consumers, or mobile customer from a single unified access.
  • Multi-Authentication/easy Site authentication: eMasraf enables banks to determine authentication levels and type to be applied on eMasraf customers across any channel for login or transaction authentication.
  • Multi-Institution: eMasraf offers a customized system to each institution for a bank. Multi-entity support enables each bank under same bank name to have its own authentications, permissions, limits, segments, configurations and calendars and much more flexible features to serve each entity in its time and zone.
  • Corporate administration mode : eMasraf support corporate with different management modes that allows different control on the corporate. If a corporate is registered as Bank Managed, this means the bank is controlling all relevant administration activities of this corporate, while Self Managed corporate will control themselves for all administration activities.
  • Corporate hierarchy : eMasraf system enables the bank to register different type of corporate hierarchy; such as flat & hierarchal corporate departments which suitable for small, medium or even enterprise corporate.
  • Advanced Corporate: rich corporate features include Cash management & control, Salary Payment/Bulk Transfers, B2B, Trade Finance (LG & LC), Corporate Multi-Level Entitlement/Approval, Audit & Operational Reporting
  • Dynamic Service : eMasraf enables banks to create any service needed to be published to eMasraf customers across any channel and with certain permissions. A dynamic e-service builder allows the bank to define the service structure, fields and charges of each e-service.
  • Dynamic Payee : eMasraf system enables bank to create any payee needed to be published to eMasraf customer across any channel and with certain permissions to be paid for by end users. A dynamic payee builder allows the bank to define bill structure & fields for each payee.

eMasraf system based on latest Technology in the market and always up-to-date.

  • Pure Web-Based Application– NO client side installation.
  • Web 2.0 Reach user experience
  • Supports different browsers
  • Hardware independent specifications.
  • Platform Independent
  • Highly parameterized
  • Flexible workflow driven by BPM
  • Support high volume of transactions and activities
  • Different integration capabilities
  • Bilingual (English & Arabic)
  • Flexible Authentication Configuration
  • Workflow Designer
    • Fixable & easy setup business process & workflow
    • Standard business process (BPMN)
    • Come with Readymade template for transaction, services, cases, with multi-level
    • For bank site & corporate side
    • Transaction execution maturity empowered by SAF & duplicate txn mechanized
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