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Project Management Approach | “The Art of Planning to Achieve"

Based on our Project Management Strategy and your project needs, we have put together the following proposed project management strategy.

FFS® is using the project management methodology (PMP) created by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to provide professional project management services to our customers through FFS® Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO). One of the most important values that we add is to help our customers achieve their goals, within budget, within a predefined duration, and with quality. Our Slogan perfectly describes our goal at the EPMO, “The Art of Planning to Achievement”.

 FFS methodology is intended for all project sizes, types and industries.

Project Size

Whether embarking on a small, medium or large project, FFS project methods provide a standardized approach to achieving success.

Project Type

Regardless of the type of project, FFS provides the tools required to deliver projects throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Project Roles

A wide variety of staff can use FFS templates successfully. Here are just a few examples:


Used to

Project Managers

Successfully deliver projects

Business Manager

Control project delivery


Manage projects for clients


Manage programmes of work


Train new Project Managers


Present best practice to members

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