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CXLink Actionable Customer Insights Beyond CRM

CXLink is a customer experience management (CXM) application, that provide customer’s response to interactions with an organization at any moment in the customer journey (before, during, or after processing a transaction), across multiple channels, and time.

CXLink often get mixed with the CRM system. CXLink is a CXM (Customer Experience Management) application that work side-by-side with your CRM system and does not replace it.

Most CRM “projects” have been focused on monetizing customer relationships without really addressing the customer’s experience as a loyalty driver.

CXLink helps the enterprise see the customer with the “right brain”—concerned with perceptions, feelings and interactions that are harder to quantify but is so valuable, nonetheless. Instead of just looking at how valuable the customer is to the enterprise, CXLink requires an inspection of the enterprise’s value to the customer.

Rather than recording such transactional information as leads, opportunities and average handle times, the way many CRM systems do, CXLink maps the experience from the customer point of view.

CXLink listen and respond to thousand insights that reveal what customer like or dislike about specific moments in the customer journey, across multiple touch-points (i.e., interactions between customers and the organization). At each discrete touchpoint, customers will have cognitive, affective, behavioral, sensorial, and social responses to the interaction, generated by CXLink.

Thus, while CRM deals with planning, implementing, and monitoring customer relationships, CXLink deals with continually improving starting CX at a touchpoint level.

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