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The eMasraf CX is an application running on top of eMasraf Middle Office Digital Platform, with set of components to choreograph series of events to track interactions and transactions across all integrated channels and touchpoints, then respond appropriately with a tailored content mapped to customer behavior and needs. With eMasraf CX Event, bank business users can create without coding, using visual drag and drop, unlimited number of scenarios, that listen to customer behaviors, across all bank integrated channels, and respond back with proper action that will push pre-defined content (for example, offering service promotions, or sending targeted e-mail messages or updating another banking system) through the designated channel at specified time.

Running on top of fully API-enabled FFS eMasraf digital banking “omnichannel” platform, eMasraf CX application can work side by side with eMasraf Retail and Corporate Web, and mobile banking, or any other digital banking system existing at the bank.



With eMasraf modern banking flexible architecture, eMasraf CX application can also integrate with all host banking systems.


FFS offers eMasraf CX as a cloud service with flexible subscription plans to quickly enable the bank to bridge the gap between transactional systems and customer interactions.


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