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Orchestrate Your Offering with CXLink Smart Segments

In the digital age, where businesses are facing digital disruption, customer expectations dictate who succeeds in the competitive digital landscape. To win in this situation, you need to choreograph the customer journey no matter where and how customers are interacting with the business so that you deliver exactly what they want, where they want, at the time they want it.




Using data science and machine learning, CXLink offers Smart Segments to enable you track a moment in the customer journey, identify and monetize customer interactions (transactions and behavior), and build unlimited number of customer smart segment that are live and dynamic.



Accordingly, through CXLink Events, you can orchestrate the products and services you want to and managing customer engagement by pushing to your customer segments the right content, at the right channel and at the right time.


You can monitor the performance of your smart segmentation using CXLink standard reports. Additionally, CXLink report customization enable to design your own reports using visual drag and drop the way you like to report anything related to your smart segments as well as any customer interaction with your business at any system anywhere.

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