For Immediate Release Digital Banking Revolution: Transforming Finance in the 21st Century Explore the dynamic world of digital banking and its impact on the financial landscape. Discover the features, innovations, and security measures shaping the future of

For Immediate Release Customer Experience Challenges in the Banking Industry Delivering exceptional customer experiences has become a top priority for businesses in all industries, and the banking industry is no exception.  1. Introduction Delivering exceptional customerexperiences has

For Immediate Release FFS® Kicks Off Its Operation in Saudi Arabia FFS® has acquired the commercial license to operate officially in Saudi Arabia, with a regional office in Riyadh Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Monday, 10 July

Orchestrate Your Offering with CXLink Smart Segments In the digital age, where businesses are facing digital disruption, customer expectations dictate who succeeds in the competitive digital landscape. To win in this situation, you need to choreograph the

Leveraging AI in CXLink  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a rich history of optimizing business outcomes. With CXLink AI can be used as user-driven AI recommendation engines to improve the customer experience (CX). For example, use AI algorithm to improve

Unlock Customer Insights by Integrating Big Data with CXLink CXM Application Big data will enable organizations to access a wealth of information on their customers—transaction histories, web and search behavior, location data, social media activity, and more.

CXLink Actionable Customer Insights Beyond CRM CXLink is a customer experience management (CXM) application, that provide customer’s response to interactions with an organization at any moment in the customer journey (before, during, or after processing a transaction),

For Immediate Release FFS® Launches CXLink SaaS Event Driven Response Application FFS® has launched CXLink (Customer Experience Application) SaaS with flexible subscription plans to quickly enable the bank to bridge the gap between transactional systems and customer

For Immediate Release FFS® Announces FinTech Alliance Program (FAP) FFS FAP is eMasraf digital banking ecosystem of complementary solutions that deliver innovation and unprecedented portfolio of FinTech products Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Wednesday, 3 February 2021, FFS

For Immediate Release FFS Signs Reseller Partnership with MasterWorks MasterWorks is authorized to resell FFS eMasraf Digital Banking solution to the Saudi market Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Sunday, 17 January 2021, FFS Software Solutions Company LLC (FFS®), the first-choice

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